Simply Dashy Photography is made up of a husband (Cameron) and wife (Dashy) wedding and portrait photography team based in the San Francisco Bay Area. They love to capture your special moments through the vision of their photography.


~ I am Dashy (yes, that is my full real name although it sounds like an adjective).
~ I am married to my best friend Cameron.
~ I am blessed to have the best of both worlds — having a daughter and a son (and another new baby boy!).
~ I am an accountant by trade, turned photographer/entrepreneur and started Simply Dashy Photography.
~ I am genuine, friendly but shy, happy, creative, and dedicated.
~ I am grumpy when I need my sleep.
~ I am a loyal BMW and Subaru fan for life.
~ I am currently addicted to White Cheddar Cheez-Its and Nutella (I do not eat them together).

~ I love life and all its wonders.
~ I love my family and friends…they are a big part of who I am.
~ I love rubberstamping, scrapbooking, and anything artsy/crafty.
~ I love fonts, books, the colors purple & blue, crepes, chocolates, snowboarding, & cooking/baking.
~ I love shopping at Whole Foods, Costco, Target, The Container Store, Bath & Body Works, Nordstrom, and Etsy.
~ I love The Food Network and HGTV. I love everything about weddings.

~ I believe that everything happens for a reason (good or bad, there is always a learning lesson behind it).
~ I believe in true love and true happiness which I am grateful to have both in my life.
~ I believe in the power of gratitude, the power of prayer, the power of now and the power of a smile.
~ I believe in “being in the moment” and I try my best to be mindful everyday and live with intention.
~ I believe that every couple should own a wedding album filled with awesome wedding pictures (preferably images taken by Simply Dashy Photography *wink*).
~ I believe that if we have things in common and you like what you see here on our blog, let’s meet up for coffee or lunch and talk about your special day or event details.


One day after a good meal, a very wise cookie once read to me, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Ok, now let’s go back here and rewind the clock in time during my grade school years, as a very wise teacher once told me “Stick and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me”.

What did I learn from these? Call it the flipside but learned that words are very important however even with its importance, it cannot come close to describe the medium of what great pictures convey (also that fortune cookies are darn delicious!). I do what I do because great pictures are a medium on its own. And I believe that people deserve to have the best possible time travel experience reflected by the vision of our photography. From weddings, to portraits, to fashion, and products -I really enjoy meeting people and capturing the moments from behind the lens!

What role do I play within Simply Dashy Photography?
I am the photographer. I am the editor. I am the equipment geek. I blog for Simply Dashy Photography on occasion…although I think Dashy has more of the knack for this! I think Dashy would probably agree that I’m the driving force/cheer leader behind the company.

Who am I outside Simply Dashy Photography?
I am a father of two…yay! I am a husband…yes ma’am! I have a collection of fortunes from fortune cookies stashed in my wallet. I don’t like licorice…but I’ll pretty much eat anything. I love to surf, snowboard and skateboard. I talk slow, so they say…but my internal ear thinks otherwise. I love the water may it be in the ocean, lake, or tub. I think energy that flows within the universe goes untouched by none. And I love my Discovery Channel!

You can call me Cam for short and Encino Man for good measure.




Posted by: Dashy

Jason Rob Tivey - August 13, 2013 - 4:28 am

This is too Funny! And I love ping pong!

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